We have a complementary blend of Management and Technical skills. Consequently, we offer a wide range of project experience to help clients compete effectively in the public and private sector.

Management Services, the core discipline of Organization Twenty-One, includes the following areas of expertise:

Training: Focuses on enterprise-wide business management systems such as human resources, employee development and project management.
These efforts are generally directed toward the solution of management problems.

-Project Management
-Curriculum Development
-Conference Management
-Production of Training Videos
-Interaction Drama
-Technical Training
-EEO Training

Management Consulting: Addresses the managerial aspects of various business functions. We provide highly innovative and skilled practitioners who have experience appropriate for government and private industry.

  • Employee & Executive Coaching/Mentoring
  • Program Review, Analysis & Evaluation
  • Training Manual Development
  • Life Skills Counseling
  • Focus Groups